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Shoelace Media is based out of Red Deer, Alberta. We specialize in film production, graphic design and web development. We're a team formed through the direct result of a digital generation. We see technology as a means of communication.

How you present yourself is essential to the success of your business. We live in a digital world and the impression you make online is crucial. You need to make your products and services accessible and understandable to potential customers, make an impact and build your network. How do people find you? Is your message getting across? Will you be remembered?



Communicating through media – Connecting to your audience

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Creativity is an integral part of running a media company. Shoelace Media holds a team of creatives that provide strategy-driven, high impact concept art direction, design and artwork development and multi-platform production.

In other words, we do excellent work.

Video Production

Connect with your customers by telling them what makes you different, by showcasing your talents or demonstrating your products.

Web Development

Build a better brand – every word, link, picture and video ties together and brings your customers one step closer to achieving your goals.


Wow your targets and gain results! Our designs can deliver all that while maintaining a high level of quality in art and functionality.



Your business has products and services and your goal is to reach more people. We can help you do this through film, web and print.

This is some of what we do.

2014 Sabba Novice Highlight

2014 Sabba Novice Highlight

  • 2014 Sabba Novice Highlight: This is a Highlight of 2014 SABBA Novice Show This was the second year we filmed SABBA with the show being bigger than last years. There were lots of classes and high intensity action that brought down the house.

Lacombe Athletic Park Promo

Lacombe Athletic Park Promo

Change – Fitness Documentary

Change – Fitness Documentary CHANGE The Movie – Who defines your limits?

In the year 2013 society is on the brink of transition of immeasurable magnitude. In spite of cutting edge technology and better medicines disease is on the rise. North America is locked in an obesity crisis, 1 in 10 people suffer from diabetes, children’s mortality rates are declining, more prescriptions and more surgeries are performed than ever before.

CHANGE is an inspiring film about our inner struggle to look good, feel good, be happy and pain free in spite of society’s trend toward disease, depression, painful dysfunction and death.

Our society is engendered in these five individuals that share their challenge, their journey, their outcome and their realization that through a decision of CHANGE you can live life without limitations.

CHANGE a One-to-1 Fitness production in conjunction with Shoelace Media premiers with Cineplex Entertainment September 19, 2013.

Check out the producers and director interview here:

In celebration and simple appreciation all of our clients and their families are formally invited to attend on September 19, 2013.

In addition to the premier of the short film CHANGE we’ve arranged a private screening of the much-anticipated film “The Family”

Speak to your trainer, the front desk, or contact us directly via our website to find out how you can RSVP for the evening.

Any remaining tickets available in the event section at:

Or visit the “News & Events” section of our website to find the full details of the evening.

Sylvan Lake Zombie Run

Sylvan Lake Zombie Run





Ecole Oriole Park Art Week Highlight

Ecole Oriole Park Art Week Highlight

Kunitz Jasper Promo

Kunitz Jasper Promo

  • from: Variable



From dance recitals to sports events, Shoelace Media can capture and produce video of your event.

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Our team is experienced and innovative.

We've mastered more than just the technical aspects of the tools we use. We understand business, we understand technology and we tie the two together.

Drew Kenworthy

Drew Kenworthy

Owner/Creative Director View Details
Chris Vaillant

Chris Vaillant

Film Maker View Details

Videographer/Editor - Online Video Specialist View Details
Drew Kenworthy

Drew Kenworthy

Owner/Creative Director

Wedding Films

Pen to paper. Lens to subject. I absolutely love doing both. It’s not about what I create necessarily, it’s about what I discover and learn. I love telling stories. They are everywhere. It’s what makes our lives interesting, and it’s what instills in us our desire to share. Stories breathe life into my work and give others a reason to connect to it. These are the type of films I am passionate about. Whether a short business promo or a corporate documentary, my style is to handcraft a film that digs deep into the human element and shows more of the personality behind it. I believe everything I shoot has some story behind it and it’s a goal of mine to always push the envelope to capture it a little better each time.

My background is in broadcasting. I graduated from NAIT’s Radio and TV program in 2000 and spent time working at Global, CMT, and several years in radio as a creative writer. Knowing how to draw out the story from the corporate world just comes natural to me because it’s what I had to do every day in this field. In 2003 I started my own video company and ran it for a while as a side business until it grew enough to sustain itself. I love getting up every day and working on films that inspire me and I’ve been doing it full-time now for around 5 years. Documentary work is my absolute favourite, especially when the subject gets my passions flowing and there’s an incredible story. I love to travel and explore so a project that requires that excites me and gets me working to capture the beauty of new places in the world, whether in a subject or in nature. There are countless stories wanting to be told.

I am a family man and all 5 of my kids are no stranger to the lens either. I’ve been documenting their lives through this media from day one and capturing the simple things in life is so important. Spending time with them brings great joy and fulfillment. The things most important in my life are family, business and church and I do my best to balance them. When I’m not doing something related to those I like to strum a little guitar and stretch my vocal chords, go for a bike ride, or try a new recipe out in the kitchen. I love to read when I find the time and I love to write and journal or blog. I love telling stories.

Chris Vaillant

Chris Vaillant

Film Maker

I am a dedicated film maker in and out of the office. Majority of my filming experience is currently focused on sports coverage, but am open to new endeavours. I have worked with many organizations such as CUC as many of my short films demonstrate. Whether I am making silly movies with friends, filming sports or shooting a wedding, my focus is producing valuable visual content for the end viewer. I bring strong work ethic, driven talent and a courteous attitude to the table all while putting my clients first.

Videographer/Editor - Online Video Specialist

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