New Beginning

2014 has been an incredible year with new beginnings. A new website has been in the works. Now it’s the time to share our new brand image with the World.

We have spent a lot of time thinking about how beneficial it would be for us to start with a new “edgier” look. One look that would set us apart from other Media Companies. i think we nailed it on the head.

So, not only do we have an amazing looking site, but we have managed to create a user friendly environment with full functionality for excellent ease of use. In other words we made it ,”Easier to look at all the cool looking stuff.” As a Media Team we have honed our skills and combined our eyes for creativity and have put it all together to create what we would like to think is amazing work. Working on this site took long hours and a lot of tweaking here and there, but once polished it turned out better than we had imagined, but we will let it speak for itself.

So whether you’re new to Shoelace Media, or whether we’ve worked together in the past, or you just want to tell us that you think the new site “LOOKS AMAZING!” … connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or on this site!
We would love to hear from you.

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