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Living the Warrior Code | Never giving up on the Dream

I have now done 2 incredible documentaries; both about health and fitness. I absolutely loved doing them. And really… I’ve never found my work more fulfilling before this. Mostly, it seems the projects I’ve done up to this point have really prepared me to create inspiring documentaries and it feels like such a great fit. I enjoy telling stories about everyday people that inspire us to reach high in our fitness goals. At the end of February I spent some time in Arizona doing some filming for our next project which is really what I’ve always dreamed of doing… a full-length documentary. What is it about? Scott at Best Body Fitness who I’ve known for a long time will be racing in the Ultraman in Hawaii in November of this year. He wanted to know if there was a way for us to make a documentary around it and I told him absolutely I’d be interested. So we chatted and planned over a meeting in a coffee shop in Sylvan. I think we can do it. The scary part is that we have to come up with the funding to cover the cost of training and accommodations plus the filming and producion. Our answer was crowd-funding and so we set up a campaign on Indiegogo. Scott as the heart of the story is going to be interesting no matter what but we’re planning to accompany that with the proper visuals to make it an exceptional movie. Our goal is to enter it in the Banff Mountian Film Festival. Just to screen it there would be awesome. To actually do well would be even more amazing. This is a dream for me and I hope it all works out. I just need help making this dream a reality… for me and for Scott. Please check out our campaign, contribute if you can, and more importantly, share and spread the word about it. I really hope it inspires you to dream big and reach your goals.

A New Life | Avena Originals | Documentary


By far our biggest and most rewarding project of 2014 was a corporate documentary we filmed for Avena Originals entitled “A New Life”. It was an absolutely amazing experience that took me to the gorgeous west coast of BC on Vancouver Island and back to our own beautiful backdrop in Banff, Alberta. I interviewed several individuals who had all done unbelievable things with their health, seeming to turn back the clock and look and feel younger thanks to Avena Original’s products and eating better. It was enough to inspire to start on my own journey of better health and wellness and have lost a ton of weight and increased my energy and the way I feel overall. So I think the folks at Avena are on to something. And if it inspired me to change perhaps it can do the same for you. As they say “Health is not a matter of chance, It’s a matter of choice”. You can start today, it doesn’t matter where you are.

Check out a behind the scenes look into the shoot on the river in Banff on Avena’s blog. Kim Hartlin was an absolute pleasure to film I could listen to him ramble on all day.

Watch the Teaser for the documentary. If you want to see the whole thing DVDs can be purchased through Avena Originals.


Fiddlin’ Around at the Golden Circle in Red Deer


This last week I got to film a pretty special event at the Golden Circle. In fact from what I understand the group of 85 or more seniors was a record turn-out for a night like this. Al Womack is 90 years old and he’s been playing fiddle at the centre for years. I don’t know for sure how many but this was his last night playing for them. Other than a few more gigs closer to home he’ll be hanging up his fiddle. It was a simple gathering but the over 60 crowd was sure living it up and enjoying themselves dancing and socializing. The band played on and on which was pretty impressive. I hope I have that energy when I’m that old. I filmed and I even took a few photos. This photo was by far my favourite… a quick candid smile in between numbers. It draws you in and makes you want to know more about his story. My grandparents on both sides have passed on now but I’ve always appreciated their experience and years. I marvel at all the changes they’ve seen throughout their lifetime and how much we can learn from them. I laughed at myself as I went to tweet about the event and searched to see if the Golden Circle had a twitter handle. Definitely not needed for that demographic, they still live in the face to face social networking world. I still tweeted about it but am reminded of the importance of keeping connected with this generation and their love for simpler things.

New Beginning

2014 has been an incredible year with new beginnings. A new website has been in the works. Now it’s the time to share our new brand image with the World.

We have spent a lot of time thinking about how beneficial it would be for us to start with a new “edgier” look. One look that would set us apart from other Media Companies. i think we nailed it on the head.

So, not only do we have an amazing looking site, but we have managed to create a user friendly environment with full functionality for excellent ease of use. In other words we made it ,”Easier to look at all the cool looking stuff.” As a Media Team we have honed our skills and combined our eyes for creativity and have put it all together to create what we would like to think is amazing work. Working on this site took long hours and a lot of tweaking here and there, but once polished it turned out better than we had imagined, but we will let it speak for itself.

So whether you’re new to Shoelace Media, or whether we’ve worked together in the past, or you just want to tell us that you think the new site “LOOKS AMAZING!” … connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or on this site!
We would love to hear from you.

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