Living the Warrior Code | Never giving up on the Dream

I have now done 2 incredible documentaries; both about health and fitness. I absolutely loved doing them. And really… I’ve never found my work more fulfilling before this. Mostly, it seems the projects I’ve done up to this point have really prepared me to create inspiring documentaries and it feels like such a great fit. I enjoy telling stories about everyday people that inspire us to reach high in our fitness goals. At the end of February I spent some time in Arizona doing some filming for our next project which is really what I’ve always dreamed of doing… a full-length documentary. What is it about? Scott at Best Body Fitness who I’ve known for a long time will be racing in the Ultraman in Hawaii in November of this year. He wanted to know if there was a way for us to make a documentary around it and I told him absolutely I’d be interested. So we chatted and planned over a meeting in a coffee shop in Sylvan. I think we can do it. The scary part is that we have to come up with the funding to cover the cost of training and accommodations plus the filming and producion. Our answer was crowd-funding and so we set up a campaign on Indiegogo. Scott as the heart of the story is going to be interesting no matter what but we’re planning to accompany that with the proper visuals to make it an exceptional movie. Our goal is to enter it in the Banff Mountian Film Festival. Just to screen it there would be awesome. To actually do well would be even more amazing. This is a dream for me and I hope it all works out. I just need help making this dream a reality… for me and for Scott. Please check out our campaign, contribute if you can, and more importantly, share and spread the word about it. I really hope it inspires you to dream big and reach your goals.

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