Fiddlin’ Around at the Golden Circle in Red Deer


This last week I got to film a pretty special event at the Golden Circle. In fact from what I understand the group of 85 or more seniors was a record turn-out for a night like this. Al Womack is 90 years old and he’s been playing fiddle at the centre for years. I don’t know for sure how many but this was his last night playing for them. Other than a few more gigs closer to home he’ll be hanging up his fiddle. It was a simple gathering but the over 60 crowd was sure living it up and enjoying themselves dancing and socializing. The band played on and on which was pretty impressive. I hope I have that energy when I’m that old. I filmed and I even took a few photos. This photo was by far my favourite… a quick candid smile in between numbers. It draws you in and makes you want to know more about his story. My grandparents on both sides have passed on now but I’ve always appreciated their experience and years. I marvel at all the changes they’ve seen throughout their lifetime and how much we can learn from them. I laughed at myself as I went to tweet about the event and searched to see if the Golden Circle had a twitter handle. Definitely not needed for that demographic, they still live in the face to face social networking world. I still tweeted about it but am reminded of the importance of keeping connected with this generation and their love for simpler things.

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